I hiked 106 km around the Isle of Wight in the UK and finishing the race in twenty-seven hours and forty-six minutes. At the time, there were limited amount of snack options available for people who enjoyed long walks, bike rides, or any physical activity requiring long periods of exercise. This ultimately led me to create my own version of a high protein, low carb, health food snack. Originating from South Africa, biltong has been a staple food source for hundreds of years, but there are health risks associated with eating too much dried meat, as it often has way too many added preservatives. While we don’t often think of snack foods as being part of a healthy diet, LuvBiltong is the exception. After several months of testing hundreds of different recipes, we created a biltong which we believe tastes as good as a grilled steak.


Our secret is no secret at all, in fact, we only use four simple ingredients to create our mouthwateringly juicy pieces of air dried steaks.

Beautiful Landscape